Unique Play Experiences

The Little Kids' Area

The first Yu Kids installation in Canada. This area is designed especially for toddlers and small children under 107 cm (42").

  • Dancing Balloons -- Balloons swirl around this breezy enclosure*

*Our VHP staff is trained to be vigilant and remove any depleted or popped balloons. We ask everyone to participate in expired balloon patrol to keep the balloons in their enclosure and remove any balloons that are not well inflated.


Discover air velocity and teamwork! 

  • The Volcano -- Kids work together to gather balls and fill the fountain before they push the blast-off button; then all the balls bubble up and rain down in great commotion. 
  • The Big Basket -- How fast and how many balls can you feed up the tubes of the Ball Return before the Big Basket tips and dumps?
  • The Levitation Table -- Watch and challenge yourself to see how many balls you can keep floating in thin air at once.
  • Made in Canada by Prime Play


Atomic is our tribute to the power of STEM - Science Technology Engineering and Math.

  • Explore gravity with rocket ships and Sir Issac Newton 
  • Climb the rope bridge to the double gang slide, the rocket, and the big spiral.
  • Try out the zip line and the monkey bars. 

Chess Board Blocks

Our giant foam chess board and pieces are perfect for building forts and minds: Strategize with your mates to build the highest tower ... or strategize to checkmate.

The Periodic Table Climbing Wall

Our mini climbing wall is full of major ideas and has all of the elements you'd find on the periodic table.

And For Bigger People...

Parents and guardians are encouraged to climb and play with their kids as well as relax and flip through a STEM magazine. Ask one of our VHP (Very Helpful Persons) for a chess or checkers set if you feel like a game. Coffee, tea and healthy food choices are available at our Smart Snacks Cafe. Free Wifi is available.

We use eco-friendly, plant-based cleaners to clean our facility.