Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math: Choose Your Party Room! 

Choose from one of our four STEM-themed rooms and enjoy a unique, active, and stress-free kid's birthday party experience. Parties include a host-led STEM activity, pizza, refreshments, decorations, and full access to the play area. Click here more information or send us a message below.  

Fill out the reservation request form below and one of our Very Helpful Persons will get back to you soon​. 


Sensational Science

This quiet, bright room is great for younger kids and seats up to 24. Decor features prisms casting colours from large windows, a painting of young scientists, and the periodic table. This room has a large ensuite bathroom with a change table. 




Transcendent Technology 

A wall-sized map showcases technological breakthroughs from around the world and beyond. The Space Shuttle Endeavor blasts off transporting the Canada Arm to build the International Space Station.


Epic Engineering 

Right off the play area, this room showcases examples of biomedical, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering. A laser kaleidascope and pictures of gears turn this room into the perfect spot for up to 24 curious kids. 


Marvelous Math

Follow the LED lights and the two parallel lines up the stairs to the largest party room of all. Math graphics and flash cards decorate this sun-filled room. Suitable for all ages and occassions, this room is exclusively outfitted with a big screen t.v. and seats up to 40 people.