Smart Moves Play Place™ Party Policies 

Full payment is due at time of booking.

Please review our party policy before booking your party at Smart Moves Play Place™. 

** Please note that we do not allow any group -- small or large -- to have a birthday party at our facility without a reservation.

All party reservations require payment in full to complete your booking and secure your child’s party time-slot. With your payment you acknowledge that you have read and understand all of our policies and rules (*see below), and will abide by them.


A full refund is available within 1 week of your party. Last minute cancellations are subject to a $50 non refundable fee.

Any adjustments/additional fees that need to be made  (based on your guest sign in and extras)  may be paid by cash, credit, or debit, on the day of your party. 


Other Important *Rules & Policies:

  • Please do not arrive earlier than your scheduled time, either to set-up or recreate. Our staff memebers will prepare your party room for you. Please let us know if you have any special requests. Due to scheduling and capacity issues, we cannot admit you to the party room earlier than your scheduled party time. 
  • Please ensure that all of your guests leave the Smart Moves facility at the end of your scheduled party time. Due to capacity issues, we cannot have guests stay beyond their time slot. 
  • No outside balloons allowed...What? No Balloons? See why here.
  • All food, drinks, decorations, loot bags, gifts, toys, and party items to remain in your party room at all times.
  • No adhesives such as gel stickers, stickers, no tacks, pins and related allowed for decorating your party room. Only non-marking tape for banners is permitted; thank you.
  • Socks must be worn by all party guests, regardless of age; all children and adults.
  • No pinatas, confetti, and mini streamers in the facility. No sharp objects on clothing, no jewelry, no costumes or face painting permitted in or near the play structures.
  • Music can only be played in 2 of our party rooms. Please inquire with a staff member to confirm this option for your party, if available. 
  • All decorations that are brought in must be taken down and removed by the end of your reserved time slot. 
  • Outside cake/cupcakes/party desserts only permitted with a party package purchased. General admission (no party booked) may not bring these items into the facility. Please respect our nut aware policy (bring only peanut-free items please).
  • Pizza will be delivered approximately 1/2 hour into party timeslot (i.e., 11:30 - 1:00pm party, pizza is delivered at 12:00pm).
  • Any outside side dishes/food brought in must be eaten in the party room.   
  • Please respect our 1:1 child to adult ratio for parties. This ratio is "up to" for instance, a 1 adult to 8 children ratio is acceptable; you do not need to have 1 adult for each child to be supervised in the building. We include 1 adult per child in the package pricing above. We will do our best to accommodate although we reserve the right to restrict entry for adults over this ratio and/or charge an additional fee (adults are included in our building's occupancy load regardless of whether they are playing with their children in the facility or not). Thank you for ensuring that we can allow entry for as many children as possible to play safely in our facility.   
  • If your party reaches more than 25 people, you will be required to upgrade your party with additional fee. 
  • No alcohol.
  • No strollers in the party rooms. 
  • We recommend that gifts are opened at home to prevent loss and damage and to save time for play. 

Extra play time outside of the party room is avaiable at an additional cost.  Please ask for details.

The party parent(s)/guardian(s) and their guests are to be at the facility for only the 2 hour party timeslot booked (or longer if you have reserved for a longer timeslot). Your admission is based on the timeslot purchased due to other parties being reserved and general admissions / facility capacity and safety taken into consideration. We reserve the right to have you and your guests leave the facility after your timeslot is over. Please respect this appointment-based protocol. We appreciate your cooperation.

It is the sole responsibility of the birthday child's parents/guardians to supervise the children at their reserved party, unless a guest's parents/guardians have chosen to stay on the premises to supervise their own child(ren).  Smart Moves is not responsible for supervising any children during parties and shall not be held liable. Each parent/guardian must sign-in and sign an acknowledgement of risk and waiver of liability before their child enters the facility. Management and staff reserve the right to not allow entry or drop-off of a child at a party if the parent/guardian does not agree to sign-in / follow this policy. We aim to ensure each child has a safe and happy experience at Smart Moves.

Party packages, items, pricing, and policies subject to change without notice.

Other Information

We also offer parties for corporate events, schools, daycares, clubs, associations, christmas parties, and private functions; 4 party rooms and full facility rental available. Total capacity for 150 people.


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